Save money on small errands while keeping the environment clean

Easily delegate the small missions and devote time to the most important things

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Why Velonto

Experience these benefits of our service yourself. We`ll give you the opportunity to use them at its full potential

Fast execution

Your missions will be performed by cyclists, it's very fast and convenient. Bicycle is the best transport for delivery!

Spend time on yourself

Don`t waste your time and money on the errands. You can save time while someone performs your missions

Save money

You decide what reward the cyclist will receive for the assignment. Fair reward for the mission, without extra charges

Protect the nature

When you use eco-friendly delivery your city becomes cleaner. Performing small missions using a bicylcle does not harm the nature

Just a few steps to get a profit

How it works

Create a mission

Choose a tipe of the mission and fill the simple mission form. There are two types of missions the parcel delivery and shopping.

Wait for assignment

Discuss all the details with the cyclist. The mission is performed without your participation! You can track how the cyclist performs the mission.

Rate your cyclist

Was the mission performed well? Awesome! Rate your cyclist and leave a comment about cyclist`s quality and come up with the new missions.

See what we can deliver
Small parcels or boxes with things
Food and supplies from shop
Flowers and Gifts
Surprises for your friends and family
Meals from cafes and restaurants
Clothes and small appliances
Important documents and letters

Save time with Velonto

Spend time in your own pleasure, while someone performs your small missions for you

  • Increase efficiency
  • More time
  • Less stress

Saved C02-Emissions

Saved time

Your time with Velonto

Velonto App

We have developed a highly modern and convenient app for you. Download the app now and let it do the talking!

Velonto protects ecology

Your benefit not only your city, but also nature. We want to make the world cleaner, so let’s choose an eco-friendly mode of transport

Noise load reduced

Emissions decreased

Cities we are represented in

In the near future we are planning to grow throughout Austria. Currently Velonto is available in Linz.

  • 246 cyclists with us
  • 3 cities will be launched soon
  • 512 clients trust us

Still have questions?

Have questions?

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